Top 10 Indian
celebrity names you will want to steal

top-10-indian-celabThe Bollywood industry churns out some amazing acting talent who seem to have an eclectic mix of names. If you are looking for an Indian, Muslim or even an Anglo- Indian baby name then we have put together a selection of Indian celebrity names to give you a bit of inspiration.

Girl Names

  1. Aishwarya
  2. Ayesha
  3. Bipasha
  4. Deepika
  5. Kajol
  6. Kareena
  7. Katrina
  8. Malaika
  9. Priyanka
  10. Sonum

Boy Names

  1. Abhishek
  2. Ajay
  3. Amir
  4. Arjun
  5. Arshad
  6. Farhan
  7. Randeep
  8. Saif
  9. Salman
  10. Varun


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