How to choose
a baby name when you can’t agree

How-to-choose-a-baby-name-v-3Choosing a name for your child can be a challenging task, particularly when you hit a couple stalemate. If you are struggling to reach a mutual decision on a baby name then fear not, we have put together our top 10 tips on reaching a compromise and hopefully a list of names you can both be happy with.

Research together

The best way to gather names you are both happy with is to research together, look at baby name books, online directories and baby websites. Keep a note of a name that you both like or that you can both tolerate and this can become the start of your compromise list.

Find out names that you both don’t like

This is also important, discussing names you dislike can give you an understanding as to what each of you are looking for. Eliminating options and also finding out why both of you like and dislike certain names is just as important.

Create a list of names that you can both tolerate

Based on the first point, create a compromise list which can be names that you are both happy to tolerate. Why not add compromise names that friends and families have suggested.

Speak to family and friends

As mentioned above speaking to family and friends can give you options that you may not have considered and they may end up suggesting a few names that both of you might even like.

Bring back ups

Always have at least four to five back ups that you can both agree on, this ensures that if all else fails you have some names to fall back on. Keep a close ear to the ground when it comes to friends of friends and their children’s names as well as when you are at the supermarket and the doctors you never know where you might get inspiration from.

Take turns

If you really are disagreeing why not take compromise to the next level, one of you could pick the first name and the other the middle name, this can then be reversed for the second child.

Locations, holidays and inspirations

Taken a holiday in the last year? A honeymoon to remember? Look back through pictures, names of cities you visited, locations you have been to whether they were home or away, these could all prove to be inspiration for a baby name that you both love.

Watch a few films

You would be surprised as to how influential films, characters, actresses and actors can be to baby names popularity, the most popular in 2015 was Elsa from Frozen.

Go through your favourite books

Similar to the above point if there are any books that both of you have read then there is a possibility that you have warmed to the same characters and therefore you may agree on a name from a novel. It’s worth a try as the name will inevitably be unique.


If you are both still at deadlock then it may be worth asking a mutual friend or relative to choose a name for you. Some people even hire a professional baby name consultant to come up with a list of possible names based on guidelines for parents.


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