Best Father’s Day gift ideas 2020

Stuck for what to buy your dad, or father of your child, or grandad?

It may be a bit early thinking about Father’s Day especially as its not until next year, but you can never be too organised and if you like the look of something maybe it could even become a gift for Christmas 2019!

Here’s our run down of our favourite gifts for dad’s:

Electronic gifts

Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo is the original voice assistant from Amazon. Bringing Alexa and all of the capabilities of a voice assistant directly into the home via the 2.5″ woofer and 0.6″ tweeter. Amazon are set to launch a high-end Echo by 2020. Prototypes of the device are said to be wider than the newest Echo, which allows Amazon to pack additional components within the speaker, including up to four tweeters.

Apple Air Pods with Wireless Charging

Another one of our favourite picks is wireless charging headphones the Apple AirPods with wireless charging capabilities are a great gift. Offering all of the design benefits associated with Apple these earbuds are a must have accessory for any iPhone owner.


Mens Copper bracelets

The classic copper bracelet is timeless and looks stylish and chic, smooth, wide, narrow or textured copper bracelets and copper magnetic bracelets can be worn anytime and anyplace.

Light copper bracelets

Copper bracelets make a great present for Father’s Day they are very versatile and can be worn with work wear, casual wear and special occasions. DEMI+CO have their own men’s range ALPHA men’s jewellery which has a great range of light mens magnetic copper bracelets which are sturdy, good quality with a wide variety of styles and patterns.  

Dark oxidised copper bracelets

If you want a more exclusive looking piece of jewellery, then an oxidised copper bracelet could be ideal. Oxidation is a treatment that adds an aged look to a piece of jewellery and add to its uniqueness. 

Magnetic bracelets

Magnetic bracelets are another great gift idea if you are looking for a gift that has health benefits. Magnets work by improving circulation by attracting the iron in the blood, this improves blood flow keeping the body healthy and healing it from injuries. DEMI+CO’s ALPHA men’s range have a wide range of copper and silver mens magnetic bracelets.

Silver bracelets

If you want to go for a more simple and classic jewellery gift, then DEMI+CO ALPHA men’s silver range is very elegant. Classically designed with a minimalist look the men’s silver bracelets make the perfect gift for a dad or dad to be.

Leather bracelets

For the cool and suave dad leather bracelets make another alternative jewellery gift, a memorable long-lasting gift that can be treasured.  DEMI+CO ALPHA men’s have a varied range of styles from minimalist braided mens leather bracelets to double strands and extra ornate details.

Sporting/Fitness gifts

Fitbit Charge 3

The Fitbit Charge 3 is the perfect Father’s Day gift for the health conscious or for any dad who is looking to make some health changes. It is swim proof and water resistant up to 50m, it can automatically track various types of workout, it has a built-in heart monitor and also monitors sleep quality.

Fitbit Charge 4:  

Set to be launched by summer 2020 this will hopefully be the new and improved version of Charge 3. It is expected to have all the functions of Charge 3 such as: track data 24/7 on steps, calories, distance, heart rate, floors, sleep and exercise. Reminders to move, nudging you to stay active throughout the day, while providing visual feedback on your progress. Charge 4 should hopefully have these as standard and a whole host of more perks.