Choosing the perfect
baby name

Choosing-the-right-baby-name-v3 The pressure of finding the perfect name for your little one can be intense, their name not only has to sum up their personality but suit them for the rest of their life. If you are finding it difficult to come up with a list of names that you both like then here are just a few options to consider that might help in ensuring you pick the right one.

What does the meaning of the name?

Have a look through various sources from baby websites to baby books and find out the meaning of the name, knowing the meaning will help for you to figure out if the name suits your little one once it arrives.

How will the name be pronounced and spelt

An unusual or an original name with a complicated spelling will cause a fair bit of complications for your little one once it gets older. Deciding on a name that is spelt simply will inevitably save a lot of frustration for him or her later on.

Does the name go with the baby’s surname?

This may sound obvious but check that the first name goes with the baby’s surname without sounding ridiculous or too similar.

Be aware of shortened versions of the name and nicknames

Your child’s name may be shortened at school or nursery particularly if it is a lengthy name, by preparing ahead and thinking of all the possible shortened versions will save your child being teased at school. If you can put up with all the possible shortened versions then the name might be a winner.

Have back up male and female names to ensure the name suits the baby

Having at least two to three male and female names is a good starting point. Your favourite name might not be your partners favourite and you may change your mind once your baby arrives. If you have a few back ups then you can be prepared and decide on a name that does suit your little baby.

Do the initials of the name go together?

Making sure the initials of your child’s name don’t spell out anything rude, weird or inappropriate is definitely recommended.

Does the name have any unusual meanings or references?

Researching the names by checking online can save any embarrassments at a later stage, for example making sure the name isn’t associated with any criminals or controversial figures will save your child awkwardness later on in life.

Will the name suit your little one when they become an adult?

Picking names like bunny and bear may sound cute when your little one is a baby but they may not be too happy about it once they hit teenage years. Think ahead will the name suit them as an adult if the answer is yes, then it’s a keeper!

If your family or friends like it?

Some people prefer not to invite the opinion of friends and family, however they may be able to point out any pitfalls with the name that you might have missed or they may just point out how much they like your choices.

Is the name popular?

If you do decide to go with a top 10 name bear in mind your child may end up in a class with 4-5 other children of the same name. You may also want to avoid choosing the same baby name as high-profile celebrities. Otherwise, you may be constantly asked if this influenced your name choice.

Looking back through the family tree

Take inspiration from the previous generations by looking through your family tree. Names of great great grandparents, great aunts and uncles may provide you with lots of ideas for names.


Think about how the name will sound when you call your child: Is it nice to hear and are you happy with it?


Agreeing on a name can be difficult if both of you have a strong opposition to each others choices. The solution; create a list of names that you can both can tolerate and call it your compromise list and then each choose one male and female name that you both like the most from that list – voila!

Keep it simple and short

There are a number of benefits for a short and simple name for example pronunciation, spelling and no nick names from peers!

Research names from films across a variety of decades and genres 

Names of characters from films to actors and actresses from the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s through to the 90’s may provide a pool of unique and original names to choose from.


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