Wuti Wrap review

star-rating-4-5-no-buy-buttWhen the realisation of having a toddler and a newborn to look after set in – I was about 8 months pregnant and I slightly panicked at the reality of it all. My first thoughts were ‘what do I do if both of them are crying’ and ‘how do I transport two babies in one go?’

After a bit of meditation and some chocolates (I was pregnant!) I began reading a number of advice articles and I decided that I would get a baby sling, we already had a popular baby harness but being only 5ft 1inch I needed an easy to use and less bulky option. After asking a number of my mum friends and reading some more sling reviews I came across the Wuti Wrap by We Made Me and I had to get my hands on one, not only was it the most stylish looking sling but it ticked all of my requirements.

According to the website this infinitely practical, exceptionally comfortable woven wrap enables little ones to make the gentle transition from womb to wearer. It is designed to carry newborn babies from 0–9m, it combines the benefits of both woven and stretchy fabric that is durable and breathable and it is generously long and wide allowing the wearer to adjust the wrap as baby grows.

When I received the wrap I was really impressed by the stretch, strength and quality of the material. I have to admit I was flummoxed by the number of steps to put on the wrap but once I had done it for the first time I realised some of the steps were just angles of what it should look like at each stage. This made the process look longer than it was and once you have mastered it, it really is simple! I put my newborn in to the sling which did take a little bit of adjusting but after a few times practising in front of the mirror it became fairly easy!


My little one was very safe and secure in the Wuti Wrap and I felt like there was plenty of support holding him in. Aesthetically it looks very flattering and there is plenty of support to the wearer especially on my back and shoulders. The wrap is a little long, especially as I am smaller in size but there is an option to tie the wrap at the front which uses up a bit more material. However the extra material is helpful as it means that as my youngest grows I should get a bit more wear out of it.

I really am very impressed with this wrap and I definitely will be recommending this to other mums. It is not only one of the trendiest and sleekest looking slings out there but it is compact, strong, durable, machine washable and easy to use- what more could you ask for!