The Eden Project

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star-rating-4-5-no-buy-buttWhen we recently took a trip to Newquay in Cornwall I had to make sure that we visited the Eden Project. The Eden Project is an educational charity in Cornwall, nestled in a huge crater where there are several Biomes that house various atmospheres.

When we initially arrived we were shocked by the huge scale of the place, there are lots of outdoor gardens to explore which have a variety of flowers, herbs and exotic plants to discover. There are also two biomes;  a dome with a Mediterranean atmosphere and a dome with the largest rainforest in captivity as well as the Core an unusual looking structure which houses a range of displays and exhibitions.

Our first stop was a stroll through the outdoor gardens where there were so many different plants from colourful spring flowers, a robot statue made of electrical waste, a huge bee statue as well as herbs, a barley, hop and hemp plants. The outdoor gardens have plenty of secluded spots, seating and lots of informative plaques that explain each plant and its origin. We were amazed at the vast variety of vegetation, the presentation and beauty of the gardens that add a certain magical quality to the surroundings of the biomes.

The first biome that we visited was the Mediterranean dome, inside there are a large variety of foliage, herbs, fruits and more with a temperature of 25 degrees and over 1,000 species of plants there was certainly a lot to see. I was stunned by the colourful poppies, large citrons and the vast array of grape vines. We also stopped by the sprouting aloe vera and took a stroll through the Mediterranean garden which was beautiful. It was nearing lunch time so we stopped at the Med Terrace restaurant, although they had run out of Paella we shared a variety of dishes which included olives, bread, pizza and pasta. All were delicious, authentic and dining in an alfresco setting within the dome made it feel extra special. After lunch we took a stroll through the South African and Californian gardens which were incredibly intriguing and informative before moving on to the next biome.

Rainforest spice area

The rainforest biome contains four of the world’s rainforest environments: tropical islands, southeast Asia, west Africa and tropical South America. You certainly feel the heat as soon as you walk inside, with a temperature of 35 degrees the heat hits you straight away. There is a lot to see in this dome, the first thing I notice is the huge bunches of bananas on the trees, the rubber tree and the rubber display. There is also a traditional Malaysian hut, complete with vegetable plot and paddy field as well as a waterfall. There is a large variety of shrubbery, fruits and a very unusual plant called the corpse flower. There is also a very intriguing nuts and spices area where you get to see surprising plants such as vanilla and cashew growing as well as cocoa plants with cocoa beans! There is also a refreshing juice stand where you can have a pit stop and quench your thirst.

We were running short on time but we managed to make a quick stop at the Core which is based on the structure of a sunflower, this dome is certainly very unique. Inside there were a number of displays and interactive exhibitions, the 70 tonne granite seed sculpture is a must to see as well as the giant nutcracker and the plant engine which were all incredibly interesting and fascinating.

Our trip to the Eden project was certainly unforgettable there is a lot to learn and it is all very informative, educational and fun. I still feel like there was still so much left to see and I hope I get another chance to go back to experience more of the natural wonders of the world that it houses.

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