TEN Skincare
Anti Aging range review

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When I was asked to review TEN’s anti aging range I couldn’t resist, made in Italy, the TEN anti-aging range actively fights the aging effects of photo-damage, fatigue and lack of moisture. I was interested as not only do I have very sensitive skin but I was intrigued by the fact that the products were ‘nasty’-free and wouldn’t clog pores whilst being suitable for normal and sensitive skin.

I was sent four products to try the first one was TEN Anti-Age Instant Lifting Cream which ’lifts’ the face making it appear more youthful and counteracts the signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles. The texture of this cream was smooth and light and absorbed fairly quickly in to my skin. It didn’t leave any residue and I did feel a slight tightening sensation a few minutes after apply the cream. According to the packaging this cream uses a formula rich in antioxidants and Hyaluronic Acid (HA), this anti-age face cream rejuvenates cells for a smoother, younger complexion.

The next product I tried and is so far my favourite of all the four I was sent – the TEN Luminescence Skin Exfoliation Cream, I have used a number of exfoliation creams over the years and this suits my skin perfectly. As I have sensitive skin it didn’t irritate or overly dry out my skin. With many exfoliators I feel I have to over compensate with moisturising cream after exfoliating. This exfoliation cream was delicate and didn’t leave my skin over sensitive either. This product combines Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA) which were used by the Egyptians in their skincare products as well as Golden Jojoba Oil to slough away dead skin, increase circulation and promote regeneration.

I also really liked the TEN Anti-Age Complete Rejuvenating Care Cream this is a very rich but delicate cream that absorbs well . It suited my sensitive skin and left it soft and moisturised without any greasiness. This cream has a combination of rich Rice Bran Oil and Jojoba Oil, it restores skins elasticity and increases skin hydration levels whilst reducing wrinkles.

The TEN Anti-Age Revive Eye Contour Cream was also a very good eye cream, I have tried a number of brands in the past and this one passes the test. It is gentle, moisturising and leaves the under eye area hydrated and refreshed.

I definitely would recommend the TEN anti aging skincare range, all of the products I tried were delicate, moisturising and left my skin feeling very supple. All the products contain the latest peptides and anti-oxidants to sweet almond and rice bran oil, the skin experts have combined technically advanced components with the best medical-grade anti-aging ingredients that nature has to offer.


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