Sweetpea Pantry:
Grainy Brainy Pancake mix review

When I received the pack of grainy brainy pancake mix I was definitely intrigued and impressed with the packaging. There were some clearly labelled instructions on the packet as well as some fun doodles that helped illustrate the instructions as well. I put the package straight away in the kitchen ready for some Saturday morning pancakes.

A bit of background information on the Grainy Brainy Pancake Mix, the mix is a pack of dry ingredients that you mix in with wet ingredients to create a pancake batter. The mix is sugar and gluten free and judging from the ingredients very healthy too. A mix of brown rice flour, tapioca flour, buckwheat flour, flaxseed, quinoa flour and teff flour – teff is an Ethiopian supergrain!

Come Saturday morning, I was looking forward to creating some nutritious and wholesome pancakes for the whole family. The Grainy Brainy Pancake mix has 3 separately listed, clear and easy to follow instructions. Whisk up two eggs, add 400ml of milk or ‘milk’ alternative and then whisk in the packet of pancake mix. Heat a pan with some oil, dollop in some mix and in a very short time you’ve made a fluffy, plain Scotch pancake.


It really is that simple, I followed the instructions step by step and within 15 minutes my batter was ready and within the following 20 minutes I had a hot batch of pancakes. My chief tasters were ready and I was ready to tuck in too. The pancakes on their own have no particular flavour, but you can taste the wholegrain flavour and of course the eggs. We did have some healthyish toppings in the form of maple syrup and lots of berries, the verdict – filling, healthy tasting and very nourishing pancakes.

The flaxseeds bring a bonus in the form of Omega 3s and the other ingredients all bring in a wide range of nutrients that bring health and vitality to any meal time. This mix is ideal for hungry families and children and a great nutritious way to start the day. The mix makes the process so much easier and it’s a great snack alternative that you can whip up in no time!


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