Q and A with
celebrity mum Katie Piper

katie-piper-lr-113We recently got the opportunity to talk to TV presenter and charity campaigner Katie Piper about all things baby related and also chat to her about her latest collaboration. Katie a busy mum to Belle (2) is is collaborating with parenting product brand My Babiie and launching a range pushchairs, travel systems and a high chair. SimplyBabyNames.com got the chance to have a sneak preview of the range and also get the lowdown on Katie’s motherhood journey!

  1. What is your inspiration behind the new product range?

I’m so pleased it’s finally launched, it’s been a long time in planning and I’ve wanted to launch a collection since my daughter Belle was born. The collection is inspired by nature and all carry a sense of freedom and happiness, the ethos of how I am as a mother. So as an example I have a few olive, khaki and desert sage designs and two of my prints are very nature led with butterflies and swallows. I named the range ‘Believe’ just to remind new parents to believe in themselves and have faith in the knowledge that they are doing great. That’s why I wanted to include the milestone cards too which are all about happiness, positivity and memories. I have 6 different designs and colour ways in total for my first range a really great selection of pushchairs, travel systems and a high chair. I was involved in the design process from the beginning and the team at My Babiie really listened to my vision and ideas which was great!

  1. What is it like being a mother? How has Belle changed you?

It’s the best thing in the world! It gave me a level of gratitude, how lucky I am to be able to have a child health wise. It also gave me a different outlook in the sense that there’s no love like it. It also meant I have become a super-woman, multi-tasker and crazy planner, my schedule is water tight now because of Belle, in a good way. Being a working mum I’m now super organised to ensure I get that crucial work and family life balance.

  1. Babies go through different stages as they develop. Which has been the most challenging so far?

I think there is a lot of challenging moments for new mums, from buying products as a new mum (I brought everything!!), to the sleepless nights, teething to ensuring you have eyes in the back of your head when they learn to crawl. I couldn’t pick one but the rewards far out way any challenges!

  1. Which mum/ baby products have been your saviour?

Sudocream, Remescar Stretch Mark Cream and Scar Stick, and a phone charger. My bag essentials as a mum! BUT my saviour product is My Babiie stroller of course. Belle is so energetic now but still gets tired easily, we’ve had family days out ruined because I forgot to bring the buggy and we are stuck with grumpy two year old who doesn’t want to walk around the zoo and needs to be carried.

  1. What are your top tips for first time mums?

Believe in yourself, with self believe comes confidence and with confined we can achieve great things. Always carry raisins, these are my bribe to Belle and I’ve tricked her into thinking they are sweets. Try to keep a little of pre baby you for example if before baby you got your nails done every 3 weeks keep doing that, ask a grandparents to help you for few hours so you are able to keep doing some of the bits that made you YOU before.


Credit: Katie Piper’s ‘Believe by My Babiie’ range is available to pre-order now at www.mybabiie.com