JML Hover Ball

hover_ball_2222star-rating-4-5-no-buy-buttWhen I first heard about JML’s Hover Ball I was certainly intrigued, a ball that hovers and glides indoors and that doesn’t break anything, sounded too good to be true! The information on the website states that the indoor football floats across floors like magic thanks to the super glide base. The soft, foam construction means it rebounds gently off walls, furniture and skirting boards – without leaving a mark. And, because it doesn’t bounce, your ornaments, pictures and crockery are safe whilst your little ones have hours of fun, whatever the weather.

When I opened the packaging my 2 year old was eager with excitement and took the ball out of my hands instantly. The ball part is a very soft sponge and the bottom underside is made of even plastic so it can glide across smooth surfaces. I have to admit our toddler really does enjoy playing with it, it really does glide particularly on our wooden and tiled floors and it really is very safe. I think as he grows up it will continue to entertain him and save the house from getting too worn out as well.



The JML Hover Ball is priced at £11.99 for more information go to