Get More Vitamin D
water review

Being pregnant currently means that I constantly have to make sure that I keep my vitamin D levels topped up. Therefore when I got an email about a new vitamin D drink specially targeted towards pregnant mums to be I had to get my hands on some.

The company and brand Get More Drinks have developed a great tasting, sugar free alternative to taking a supplement in pill form. Containing the recommended 10 micrograms of Vitamin D, as well as 120 milligrams of calcium and available in a fruity mango and passion fruit flavour.

The water is packaged in a very refreshing pink coloured bottle but it didn’t look like your average fizzy drink or sports drink, the look of the brand and bottle does make you feel like you are getting a healthy shot of vitamins. At first taste I was mildly surprised by the flavour of the water, having tasted fruity flavoured water before this tasted so much better.

Get More Vitamin D offers a number of benefits to your baby but also protects your own immune system and helps maintain your own healthy teeth and bones. Furthermore this sugar free drink – made with spring water and natural flavours and contains only 7 calories per bottle.

Get More Vitamin D is priced from £1.25 and now stocked in over 5,000 shops nationwide, including selected Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda, WH Smith, Spar, Superdrug, Roadchef, Center Parcs, as well as a number of independent convenience stores nationwide and on Ocado.

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