Fashion tips for
your stylish little baby

Fashion-tipsOnce your little one outgrows the baby grows dressing them can be a bit of a minefield. Whether you have a precious little girl or a cute little boy knowing what to buy and what to dress them in can be a little confusing.

We have put together our tried and tested tips below to help you discover what to get for you little one that not only makes your life easier but keeps your little ones looking stylish!

Weather or Occasion

Dressing your little one for the weather is the first thing to think about. Layers work well for the in between months from sporty hoodies, shirts, thin jumpers and long sleeve tops for little boys. Cute cardies, long sleeve tops and dresses that can be layered and work very well for little girls. Occasions are just as important, if they going to playing outdoors then something practical like jeans, dungarees, shorts and tops work well, if it is a smarter occasion go with a more luxe approach with nice shirts and pretty dresses.


Whether you have a girl or a boy you need key staples just like your own wardrobe. Vests, white and coloured t shirts, jeans, dungarees or dresses, skirts and leggings as well as a selection of thick and thin socks. Long sleeve tops for layering, jumpers and cardigans. If you have a selection of these in a variety of colours and textures it will ensure you have an outfit whatever the occasion.


Making sure that the outfits are comfortable and have easy access for changing nappies and quick changes in case of spillages is essential. At the end of the day babies, toddlers and children don’t stay clean for long!

Key buys

A good coat, jacket, rain mac, wellies, boots and shoes are worth spending a little more on as these will see your little one through many a days out.

Prints, colours

Babies and children have the knack for making any outfit look good which is why it’s important to dress them in bright colours, bold prints and vibrant patterns! They are only little once so dress them with colours as they have many years ahead of them to wear grey work wear.

Dress their personality

As your little one grows up they will start to voice their opinion on what they want to wear. This is fine if they are exploring their own personalities, likes and dislikes so let them dress how they want within practical reasons obviously. If your baby is not at the voicing stage then you can still dress them according to their personality, from cute and cuddly to quirky, traditional, urban or smart there are outfits out there to suit every baby’s character.

Stay safe

Ensuring that your little one’s outfit fits well and doesn’t have any hazardous accessories or attachments is very important. Long trousers could result in trips and any zips or dangly bits could cause chocking.

Avoid over match

Over matching outfits with siblings may look a little over done, if you want insert a bit of coordination with your family or children go for subtle and chic colour coordination instead.

Minimal fuss

Frill, bows, itchy fabrics and fussy detail will not be tolerated by little ones, if they are uncomfortable then you will end up with an unsettled baby or child. Dress for comfort and keep details to a minimum.

Skip neutrals

Your child will have plenty of chances to dress in grey and neutrals, relish the chance to dress them in bright colours and patterns while you can!


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