Celebrities explain
strange baby name choices


Ever wonder why celebrities choose the names they do for their children? Well below are three of the most talked about celebrity baby names alongside reasons for why their famous parents chose them.


Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin chose one of the wackiest names for their daughter, Apple! According to Access Hollywood their reasons for choosing the name was down to Chris Martin, his North American booking agent Marty Diamond already had a daughter named Apple which inspired both Gwyneth and Chris to name their daughter the same name.

Harper Seven

David and Victoria both had good reasons for choosing this name for their daughter. Victoria’s favourite writer is Harper Lee, author of ‘How to Kill and Mockingbird’ and was the inspiration behind her first name. David chose the name seven as it is a lucky number symbolising spiritual perfection e.g. seven wonders of the world, seven colours in the rainbow and in other cultures the number seven is considered very lucky!


According to TMZ Kim and Kanye see North’s name as a metaphor for “up.” The site reports that this is their mantra: “What’s north of north? Nothing.” TMZ also claims that Kim and Kanye consider the baby to be their “North Star.” We have to admit that’s a pretty powerful and cute reason.


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