BellyBuds review

BB_Box_Cmp_01b-1_grandestar-rating-4-5-no-buy-buttBellyBuds is a very unique product, I was genuinely surprised by the effectiveness of it and how easy it was to use. Being 37 weeks pregnant it was the ideal time to try and see if any music or sounds would influence or have an impact on the little one.

According to the website BellyBuds is a specialized speaker system that gently adheres to your belly and allows you to safely play memory-shaping sounds directly to the womb. Whether it’s a soothing tune or a bond-forming voice message BellyBuds is a safe and effective first step in connecting with your soon-to-be bundle of joy.

When we tried the BellyBuds for the first time we stuck the pads on to my belly and plugged them in to my phone, we initially tried soft classical music which the baby reacted to by moving around. We also tried a few of our favourite pieces of music and again the baby moved around quite a bit. We didn’t try it for too long as it only recommends for one hour a day but we really did find that there was a connection and it can be a great way to bond with your little one. Also with free access to the VoiceShare by WavHello app, you and anyone else can record messages, upload music, create playlists and even sing and send favourite songs that you can share with your child using BellyBuds.


According to Bellybuds studies have shown that babies can remember music that was played to them in the womb for up to a year after birth, and that was the motivating force behind Bellybuds. The inventor designed these pregnancy headphones for his wife to use with their first child. Bellybuds, which are compatible with an iPod and other music players, have adhesive rings that stick to the belly, a splitter that connects mom to the same music, and a “fixed-safe” maximum volume that doesn’t blast the baby. They also fit comfortably under clothing.

Product Includes

  • BellyBuds speakers
  • 2 pairs of SafeBond adhesives
  • Audio spliter
  • Storage pouch
  • Free digital album
  • Adheres to the skin with reusable, medical-grade, SafeBond adhesives (replacement adhesives available separately)

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